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‘Colorado Wonders’ Where Are The Pollinators?

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Anna Hanel / CPR
A bee pollinates a blossom in Lakewood.

Juan Gallegos of Arvada submitted a question through Colorado Wonders. He asked, "I'm a fifth generation Coloradan. I'm talking with folks along the Front Range, and none of us have really seen any pollinators. I'm kind of curious, what's going on. I'm not really seeing bees frequent any of our mint, any of our salvias. It's still kind of an atypical year from what I can tell." To get answers and to find out how to support pollinators, we spoke with Lisa Mason who helps run the Native Bee Watch community science program through CSU extension. We also talked with Kimberly Drennan whose startup, HiveTech Solutions, is working to innovate ways to save honeybees. And we learn about an effort to support pollinators with a new specialty license plate!