Crushed Olympic Dreams Motivate Colo. Sculptor Martha Russo

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Photo: Boulder sculptor Martha Russo_FEATURE IMAGE
Sculptor and installation artist Martha Russo, who lives outside Boulder, at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art March 15, 2016.

Severe knee injuries ended Martha Russo's Olympic aspirations when she was in college. Soon after, she found herself in a ceramics studio. Russo says she was drawn to the physical challenge of the art form. She has since shown her abstract sculptures around the country. These works range from small structures resembling human anatomy to large works that look like something out of the ocean. Now, the artist lives outside of Boulder.

Russo's first solo museum exhibition is up at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. It's called "coalescere," and brings together 25 years of Russo's work. The show runs through June 12.

Photo: Boulder sculptor Martha Russo_NOMOS
Martha Russo's "nomos" is comprised of hundreds of porcelain tendrils. It's on display at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art through June 12, 2016.

Russo spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.