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Directory helps people find and support Black-owned businesses in Colorado

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The year 2020 is remembered by many as a year of racial unrest in America, but also one steeped in racial reckoning. It prompted all sorts of conversations about inequities in our society and how to be more inclusive and supportive of the Black community, including economically.

One native Denverite is doing his part to help Coloradans do just that. B.J. Joyce is an East High School grad who grew up in the  communities of Five Points and Curtis Park. He is the president, owner, and CEO of "Black Biz Colorado," which he calls the "go-to" source for people trying to find and support Black businesses here. He says we all can do our part to help Black businesses not only survive, but also thrive.

We also speak with business owner Marlon Wells, whose printing and design business, "Artistic Apparel Graphics and Signs" in Aurora is featured on the site. August is National Black Business Month.