Driving High: What CDOT Hears From Pot Users, And What It’s Warning About

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Photo: Marijuana DUI Nose Touch (Bichell One Time Use)
Volunteer Shaurica Clark touches her fingertip to her nose, part of a roadside sobriety test officers use to determine if someone has been driving under the influence of pot.

Do you drive high? "I do think driving high is a little bit dangerous and there are definitely the huge consequences for it, but I do think it depends on the users as well,” a Pueblo dispensary worker recently said at a state transportation department town hall-style meeting.

Sam Cole from CDOT said the agency organized this "cannabis conversation" as a way to help understand and educate marijuana users about driving while high. He tells Colorado Matters what CDOT learned. He also discusses marijuana’s effect of auto accidents, and how Colorado’s findings compare to other states.