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‘Fight Oar Die’ Raises Awareness About Veterans’ Mental Health And The Need To Stay Active And Engaged

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Courtesy of Evan Stratton
Denver native Evan Stratton and other veterans raced across the Atlantic Ocean, in a rowboat, to raise awareness of mental health issues. The team was called “Fight Oar Die.”

Being wounded by an anti-tank grenade in Iraq was tough. But rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic was even more of a challenge. Denver native and Marine veteran Evan Stratton is a Purple Heart recipient who spent 50 days, 11 hours and 35 minutes rowing earlier this year, before pandemic-distancing, with three other vets, from the Canary Islands to Antigua. They did this to bring attention to veterans' mental health and the need to stay active and engaged after leaving the military. Stratton spoke with Ryan Warner in February about "Fight Oar Die."