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Finding “The Zone” May Be Key To Happiness At Work

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There are increasing signs that younger workers want more than just a big paycheck and good benefits from their employers. Studies show many young employees expect to find job satisfaction and creativity at work. A crop of companies and consultants are growing around this idea of making people happier at work. Some, like Greenwood Village-based Crankset Group and its founder Chuck Blakeman, advocate for restructuring the workplace altogether: eliminating the top-down hierarchy, making meetings optional and allowing workers a lot more flexibility to work and vacation when they want.

Other companies, like Denver-based Helios, are developing technology to help facilitate satisfaction at work. Helios' CEO or Chief Energy Officer, Josh Allan Dykstra said they're marketing an app with messages to help nudge people in ways that improve their motivation and energy at work. Dykstra says it's also clear from research that helping employees find "the zone" increases their productivity exponentially.