For Boulder artist Chuck Forsman, the art is in the journey

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(Photo: Chuck Forsman)

Boulder artist Chuck Forsman is no stranger to the road: For years, he’s been traveling hundreds of miles to get to places he depicts in his landscape paintings.

But just over a decade ago, he started photographing what he was seeing as he drove, from magnificent lightning storms to oil field wastelands and road signs.

Forsman also turned his lens on the landscapes that he and his dog, Magpie, walked through.

The result is a shimmering collection of black-and-white photographs that celebrate the journey -- not just the destination.

“Some people think they have to go to exotic places or the far ends of the earth to find excitement,” Forsman said recently. “I’ve always liked the idea of finding interest at home; just walking around the block can be an experience.”

These photographs are part of a new show entitled “Seen in Passing” which is on display at the Denver Art Museum from November 17, 2013, through May 25, 2014.

Host Ryan Warner speaks with Forsman about his photographs.