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From 1968 to present day, Black quarterbacks who’ve broken barriers in the NFL

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This Aug. 1975 file photo shows St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Marlin Briscoe.

Football season is underway, and once again, all eyes are on the home team, the Denver Broncos. Especially quarterback Russell Wilson after arguably a pretty disappointing first season with the team. The big question on the minds of many, is whether this season he will live up to his $245 million dollar contract. So far, the Broncos are off to a rough start. And some might argue that Wilson has some extra pressure on him to represent as a Black quarterback.

Despite a  high number of Black players in the National Football League, the position of quarterback has almost always been dominated by white players. John Eisenberg has written a book that provides an historical perspective. It's called, "Rocket Men: the Black Quarterbacks who Revolutionized Pro Football."