Haunting Imagery, Verse From A Cabbie And More Conversations With Poets

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Photo: Davey McGravey Colorado
An illustration by Grant Silverstein from David Mason's "Tales to Be Read Aloud to Children and Adult Children."

On this Labor Day, we hear from Coloradans who labor over words. From verse for children to words about difficult jobs, some of our favorite conversations with poets.

  • "The Hauntings:" Former pediatric pathological Gail Waldstein of Denver speaks about using poetry to reflect on her time working with very sick kids.
  • Poetry all around us: Denver poet Michael Henry turns the humdrum stuff of everyday life into inspiration for his book, "Active Gods."
  • Misery at work inspires verse: Robert Cooperman of Denver writes about his worst days as a New York City cab driver in his collection "Just Drive."
  • Poems for kids: In David Mason's book "Davey McGravy," the main character uses his imagination to escape the loss of his mother and getting bullied at school.

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