Helping Children Navigate Grief and Understand Death

September 15, 2021
Denver Hospice Artist Rendering Children's SpaceDenver Hospice Artist Rendering Children's SpaceDenver Hospice
The Denver Hospice recently broke ground on an outdoor children's area to support kids going through loss. This is an artist's rendering of the space.

Children grieve differently than adults. Sue Farnsworth is a counselor with Footprints, which works with 3-to-17 year olds whose loved ones are in Hospice care or who’ve recently died. She says "kids are touch-and-go. They can think about sad things, then go play and have fun." That's partly why Denver Hospice has designed a new space for play and art therapy. It made us want to have a conversation about how young people experience loss, as the pandemic adds an additional layer of grief. 

The Children's Room within the Footprints program at the Denver Hospice.