Hosting a Broncos Super Bowl party? Here are a few drink and food recipes

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(Photo: CPR/Jay Keller)
<p>Lamb sliders made with roasted chilis and cheese. Colorado lamb is famous nationwide, according to the culinary director at Elway&#039;s Restaurants, Tyler Wiard.</p>

And, when it comes to the cocktails, you might want to consider using oldies but goodies with a twist.

Wiard offers three recipes for finger food that he says show off what this state has to offer. Colorado Lamb Sliders, Deviled Eggs, and Brussels Sprout Hash all feature local ingredients.

"I get hyped up talking about it, because we have amazing agriculture in Colorado," Wiard says. “And, I try to buy local whenever possible. The quality is great, the food is more fresh, and we reduce our carbon footprint."

Restaurants across the country list Colorado lamb on their menus. Elway's four restaurants are no exception.

"We sell a ton of lamb," Wiard says. “It's a little gamey. It has an edge to it. And it's a big crowd-pleaser.” The Brussels Sprout Hash is also wildly popular at Elway’s.

On the cocktail front, Jodi Dolph, lead mixologist at Panzano in downtown Denver, is serving up two new drinks designed to pay tribute to the Broncos.

The first is the PFM Old Fashioned: It's a twist on the classic Old Fashioned with orange bitters to add a little dryness and an extra splash of orange juice.

Dolph uses Jack Daniels Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey in honor of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who played college football for the University of Tennessee.

Another cocktail pays tribute to Manning's Louisiana roots with what she calls the "Hurry Hurry Sazerac." The Sazerac is a drink that originated in New Orleans featuring rye whiskey.

Old-school cocktails are becoming more and more popular because people are curious.

"They're looking for something different and unusual and they're open to trying some of the things that have made drinks good all along," Dolph says.

Staff at at Panzano craft the classic drink recipes in oak barrels and age them for 21 days before serving.

"The process makes the drinks super smooth," Dolph says. "It definitely takes the edge off and it's great having cocktails that are ready to go."

Super Bowl food and drink recipes with a Broncos theme: