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How Writing And Watching Musical Theater Is Like A Meal Kit Service

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Courtesy of Fox Theater
Erin McKeown wrote the music and lyrics for the play “Miss You Like Hell,” playing at the Fox Theater in Aurora

As if capturing the dynamics of a mother-daughter relationship, undocumented residents and immigration wasn't daunting enough, Erin McKeown, who wrote the music and lyrics for the play "Miss You Like Hell," had to do so while navigating her own career as a singer-songwriter.

McKeown, appearing in concerts in Fort Collins, Denver and Colorado Springs this weekend, told Colorado Matters that watching the play come together, and then seeing it performed on stage by different troupes across the country, has been a revelation. The play is being staged at the Fox Theater in Aurora through the weekend.

McKeown, who has also seen productions in Boston and Baltimore, says the differences each company brings to the musical is akin to a meal kit service, where ingredients are boxed and delivered to a home, but it's up to each cook to decide the best way to make the meal sing.