Immerse Yourself In Denver Center’s ‘Sweet & Lucky’ With These Photos

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<p>(Courtesy&nbsp;Adams Visual Communications)</p>
<p>Peering into the world of DCPA&#039;s “Sweet & Lucky.” Performer Lia Bonfilio.</p>

This story originally aired on June 6, 2016.

If you go inside "Sweet & Lucky Antiques" in northwest Denver, you'll find more than heirloom furniture. There's a room with its own weather system and another with a small lake under a cluster of stars. The 16,000-square-foot warehouse is the site of Denver Center for the Performing Arts' latest production, "Sweet & Lucky."

Audience member are protagonists in the show, as performers lead them through a labyrinth of scenes. DCPA commissioned Third Rail Projects from Brooklyn to create the interactive experience -- with the hope the show would appeal to millennial audiences.

Colorado Matters producer Stephanie Wolf attended a performance of "Sweet & Lucky" and talked about her experience with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. New York Times' chief theater critic Ben Brantley has covered interactive and immersive theater shows. He told Warner that this kind of theater is not a new concept. It's been happening in cities like Manhattan and London for decades.