John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light

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John Common has been a fixture on the Denver music scene for more than a decade. He first led the alt country band “Rainville,” then broke off on a solo career and took on more of a rock edge. But by 2007 he was burned out and wondering if he wanted to keep making music. It was during a month-long trip to Prague that he found a new sound, which he developed with a new band called Blinding Flashes of Light. Their first album, Beautiful Empty, was released nationally earlier this year. Ryan Warner talks with Common about his trip, his band, and their music. (First aired April 13, 2011)

UPDATE: The band will play the following shows in Denver before heading out on tour across the U.S.:

Saturday, June 11th: Forest Room 5

Thursday, June 16th: Denver Zoo

Saturday, June 18th: Westword Music Showcase

(Note that EP mentioned in the interview is no longer being offered for free)

[Photos: Melanie Watson]