Meet Boulder Punk Rockers The Ephinjis

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Photo: Boulder punk rock trio The Ephinjis
Ivan Armendariz (guitar/vocals), Christian Armendariz (drums) and Alexandra Flynn (bass/vocals) of Boulder punk rock band The Ephinjis.

Listening to music by Boulder's The Ephinjis, one may detect influences from Green Day, California punk rock group Dead Kennedys and, with a close listen, some Latin musical undertones.

The Ephinjis' forthcoming album, "The Unfortunate Life of Bob: A Guideline to Dying Amongst the Living," is out late next month. It's a concept album that follows the demise of a fictional character named Bob, and it is the punk rock trio's first full album release. Singer and guitarist Ivan Armendariz, his brother, Christian, who plays drums, and bass player Alexandra Flynn gave Colorado Matters host Andrea Dukakis a preview.

The Ephinjis perform late Saturday night at the "Field Day Camp Show!" music event in Brighton, northeast of Denver.

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