Meet Mathias Svalina, Denver’s Courier Of Dreams

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<p>(Corey H. Jones/CPR News)</p>
<p>Denver poet Mathias Svalina after making his dream deliveries on June 29, 2016.</p>

In the wee hours of the morning next month, before 4 a.m., Denver poet Mathias Svalina will pull himself out of bed. He will get on his bike and deliver, door-too-door, short surrealist poems -- or, as he describes them, dreams. It's called the Dream Delivery Service. Svalina began delivering dreams in Denver in 2014.

This fall, he takes his delivery service on the road, bringing dreams to people's doorsteps in cities such as Richmond, Virginia; Tucson, Arizona and Marfa, Texas.

Svalina spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.