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Pueblo Musician Inaiah Lujan Resets During The Pandemic

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In planning the Colorado Matters road trip, our team couldn't get the Willie Nelson song "On the Road Again" out of our head. We thought to put it in the hands of Colorado artists. The cover by Inaiah Lujan sounds like it could've been produced by Phil Spector circa 1963. With the pandemic's shutdown of the music industry, the song took on new meaning for the sixth-generation Coloradan from Pueblo.

Inaiah Lujan
©Brandon Soder
Pueblo Musician Inaiah Lujan.

"I've basically been a touring musician since I was 16," Lujan said. "2020 was the first year I didn't spend on the road in, I think, 15 years."

Lujan used the downtime to focus on self-care and find inspiration despite one of the darkest chapters of his life. Like so many artists, Lujan adapted to a new reality of virtual shows and livestreams, including to celebrate the release of his solo debut, Do What You Want.