Remembering Denver’s Daniels & Fisher, Once The Place To Shop And Be Seen

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<p>Bob Rhodes Collection.</p>
<p>May-D&F “Wonderful World of Winter” event, 1964 (ski ramp ending in ice skating rink, large crowd gathered).</p>

For generations, Daniels & Fisher was the place to see -- and be seen in Denver. It was known for white-gloved sales clerks, lunches in the tea room, and the iconic clock tower that still stands on what is today the 16th Street Mall. Later, Daniels & Fisher became part of the May D&F company, known for huge Christmas displays in the glass-walled "hyperbolic paraboloid" downtown that was designed by the world-renowned architect I.M. Pei, including an ice-skating rink outside. Mark Barnhouse is the author of the new book Daniels & Fisher: "Denver’s Best Place to Shop." He spoke to Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.