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Remembering Legal Pioneer Mary Mullarkey, The First Woman To Serve As Chief Justice On Colorado’s Supreme Court

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Mary Mullarkey
Ed Andrieski/AP Photo
Colorado Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey announces at a news conference in the Supreme Court Chambers in Denver on Thursday, June 3, 2010, that she is retiring November 30.

On the same day this week, two former Colorado supreme court justices passed away. Mary Mullarkey and Gregory Kellam Scott were both 77. And both were trailblazers. Mullarkey: the first woman on the court and a champion for women's rights and LGBTQ equality. Scott: the first and only Black justice in Colorado. Both were appointed by Democratic Governor Roy Romer. And when Scott stepped down from the bench in 2000, Mullarkey was chief justice -- and chaired the commission to find his replacement. Ryan Warner didn't get the chance to speak with Gregory Kellam Scott, but Mary Mullarkey was on the show in 2010. She was leaving the court after 23 years. Let's listen back.