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Scientists find possible link between “long COVID” and cell function

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Courtesy National Jewish Health
Researchers at the National Jewish Health Center for Post-COVID Care and Recovery conduct exercise testing with Joanna Zeiger, who continues to suffer with heart rate fluctuations, extreme fatigue and brain fog five months after contracting COVID-19.

The label “COVID long-haulers” refers to people who continue to have symptoms of the virus long after most people have recovered. Symptoms include fatigue, trouble breathing, and joint and muscle pain. A study by National Jewish Health in Denver may have turned up a clue as to why some people become long-haulers and others don't. We spoke with pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Tod Olin, who is one of the researchers and directs the Exercise and Performance Breathing Center at National Jewish. 

Olin also works with althletes, including some Olympians, who have a breathing problem where their throat closes up. Olin invented techniques to help with the condition.