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She lost two homes to fire and she has some advice on how to help survivors

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Courtesy of Andi O'Conor
In 2010, Andi O’Conor lost her home near Boulder in the Fourmile Canyon Fire. She had also lost her childhood home to fire.

We've been following the Bovens, who lost their Louisville "forever home" to the Marshall Fire. They face a long road to rebuilding their house and their lives.

Andi O'Conor, of Boulder, knows that road well. Her childhood home burned down. Then, in 2010, the Fourmile Canyon Fire struck. It destroyed 169 homes, including hers, and was the most expensive in state history at the time. As O'Conor picked up the pieces, she started a blog called "Burning Down The House," which offers some advice to disaster survivors and to the public.

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