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Teens use kindness to improve lives, sense of self, and sense of community

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Aspen Institute Love Action
Courtesy Aspen Challenge / AspenInstitute.org
The “Love in Action” team from The NET Charter High School in New Orleans presenting their project using kindness to improve community.

Students at a charter school in New Orleans are used to being written off. Many landed at The NET Charter High because they'd been arrested, or expelled from a more traditional school. They may have run away from home -- or become parents at a young age.

What they’re not so used to... is being heard. Yet five of these students got a global audience recently at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado. They're among the teams to win the Aspen Challenge, for developing a program that uses kindness to address mental health.

Alexis Allen, her coach Valerie Bodet, and Aspen Challenge director Katie Fitzgerald spoke with Colorado Matters co-host Chandra Thomas Whitfield.

Courtesy Aspen Institute
Katie Fitzgerald (left), director of the Aspen Institute's Aspen Challenge; Valerie Bodet, co-founder of The NET and team coach; and Alexis Allen, one of the student leaders of the team that developed "Love In Action."