That Time Bob Dylan Was ‘Run Out Of Denver’

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Photo: Bob Dylan 1963
Folk singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, then 22 years old, performs on Nov. 8, 1963. The location is unknown.

Bob Dylan received this year's Nobel Prize in Literature. But don't expect to see him at the award ceremony in Stockholm on Saturday. Last month, Dylan said he won't attend due to prior commitments and prepared a speech to be read on his behalf.

Time warp back to 1960: Dylan was a 19-year-old unknown musician and he spent the summer in Denver. Several biographies quote the folk singer for saying he was eventually "run out of Denver for robbing a cat's house."

Tim Fritz is a freelance writer and filmmaker. He recently wrote a piece for Westword called "Passin' Through: Bob Dylan's Ill-Fated Summer in Denver." He is also working on a documentary about this bit of Dylan history.

Fritz spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.