The Denver Accord Calls For Evidence-Based Solutions To Guns & Violence

September 11, 2019
The Denver Accord seeks to use data-based evidence to help dictate policies to address guns and violence in America.

Congress remains at odds over what to do about guns and violence. Tuesday, Democrats sent three measures to the full House for debate, to limit high-capacity magazines, to keep guns away from people convicted of hate crimes, and to encourage states to pass Red Flag laws. But Republican leadership is deferring to President Trump, waiting to see what he'll support before they take any action.

This comes after three high profile mass shootings in August. Most recently, a man in Texas went on a rampage, murdering 7 people seemingly at random, and injuring more than 20 others before police killed him. After every incident, the same question comes up: what would prevent this?

That's where the Denver Accord comes in. Its authors call it "an evidence-based road map to reduce gun violence in the United States." Devin Hughes is the founder of GVPedia, short for "Gun Violence Pedia." It's behind the accord. He spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about this issue.