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The Story Behind The Burroughs & Their Newest Music

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The Burroughs in the CPR performance studio
Hart Van Denburg/CPR
The Burroughs in the CPR performance studio for Indie 102.3

One of Colorado's most prominent bands was only supposed to play one show. Singer Johnny Burroughs got together with a horn section from the University of Northern Colorado and played that show in 2013. He's never really stopped. The Greeley band -- now called The Burroughs -- makes dance music that evokes classic soul and funk acts like James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic. The band's four-part horn section complements Johnny's buoyant vocals and energetic stage presence. The Burroughs will perform in Beaver Creek, Denver and Fort Collins later this month. Johnny Burroughs and saxophonist Briana Harris join us to talk about the band's story and their newest music.