The Swayback – Double Four Time

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The Swayback's new album was almost 3 years in the making. They recorded in several different studios in Colorado and California--where they got some help from British producer Andy Johns. His credits include albums by Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones. Lead singer Eric Halborg says:

"His impact was definitely just to challenge us. I mean, you wanted to perform for him. We’d play a song and he’d be, 'Okay that’s great. So what else? Where does the song go?' And we’d be, no - that's it. And he would be 'Oh no, the song has to go somewhere man. It’s got to say something. It has to go somewhere.' And we were actually writing parts in the studio with him.”

Halborg says working with a producer of John’s caliber had other benefits:

“People would call him in the studio...yeah, Keith Richards would call and he'd say, 'Yeah, The Swayback -- you might dig ‘em man. You might be into them. I think they’re pretty good.” And the whole band would be: 'who’s he talking to?'"

The new album is called “Double Four Time”. The band will perform Monday, April 2nd at the Larimer Lounge in Denver.

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What Death Cares About

Gonna Walk

Double Four Time

Oh Baby