Through Art, Colorado Springs Sculptor Jo Hart Explores The ‘Beauty’ In Aging

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<p>(Courtesy Jo Hart)</p>
<p>“Regret and Contentment” in foreground by Jo Hart.</p>
Photo: Colorado Springs sculptor Jo Hart, The Older We Get_2
From left to right: "Beige Warrior," "Main Squeeze" and "Waning Impluse." Porcelain sculptures by Colorado Springs artist Jo Hart.

Youthfulness is often put on a pedestal in United States culture. At least that's how Colorado Springs sculptor Jo Hart sees it.

Hart, who is 58, believes there's a "beauty" in getting older, but is not convinced many others share her view. That's the focus of her art show "The Older We Get..." It features nearly a dozen porcelain sculptures described as "part-trophy, part-bust," and is at the Manitou Arts Center in Manitou Springs through Feb. 12.

Hart spoke with Colorado Matters host Andrea Dukakis.

Photo: Colorado Springs sculptor Jo Hart, The Older We Get_1
On the left, "Regret and Contentment" in the foreground (18 x 4.25 inches) and, on the left, "Flaming Plum with No Hat" (14 x 3.5 inches), "Gams of Free Range" (21 x 3.25 inches), and "Beige Warrior" (17.5 x 3.5 inches) in background.

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