‘Tribes’ At DCPA Challenges Perceptions Of Family And Being Deaf

November 3, 2015
Photo: Tribes at Denver Center for the Performing ArtsSam Adams
Kate Finch and Tad Cooley in "Tribes" at Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

Language can be uniting and divisive -- as is demonstrated in "Tribes," an award-winning play running through Nov. 15 at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA). It's a theatrical look at communication and miscommunication through the lens of a British family of intellects and egotists. Tensions rise when one of the sons, Billy, who is deaf, starts to question his place within the family.

Photo: Closed caption technology for Tribes at DCPA(Corey H. Jones/CPR News)

For "Tribes," the DCPA experimented with new closed caption technology to make the performance -- and future productions -- more accessible to those with hearing impairments.

Stephen Weitz directed the DCPA's production. He spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.