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‘Vanished Denver Landmarks’ may make you pine for what was

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In his latest book "Vanished Denver Landmarks," author Mark A. Barnhouse celebrates breathtaking architecture that was razed in the name of progress. He met Senior Host Ryan Warner along the 16th Street Mall, where the Tabor Grand Opera House used to stand.

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Tabor Grand Opera House, 16th & Curtis Streets, circa 1892.
Denver Public Library Special Collections, X-24748
Tabor Grand Opera House interior, 1881.
Courtesy Thomas J. Noel
Denver City Hall, off Larimer Square, 1883.
Courtesy Mark A. Barnhouse
Windsor Hotel, 18th & Larimer Streets, circa 1890.
Courtesy Thomas J. Noel
Windsor Hotel Bar, 1948.
Denver Public Library Special Collections, X-22369
Brinton Terrace, 18th & Lincoln Streets, 1919.