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What Makes This Man A ‘Hero’? Donating RVs To People Left Homeless By A Wildfire

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Carin Dorghalli
Woody Faircloth of Denver, left, runs a nonprofit that donates RVs to people left homeless by the 2018 wildfire in Paradise, California. He’s seen here hugging one of the people who received an RV.

Woody Faircloth was a thousand miles away when Paradise, California was leveled by a wildfire last year. Faircloth had never been to the small town in California and didn't know anybody there but as he heard about the thousands of people left homeless he had an idea.

At his home in Denver's City Park, Faircloth started looking around on Craigslist for RVs. Within days he and his daughter Luna, then 6, started a GoFundMe account, bought a vehicle for $2,500, packed it up, drove it to California and donated it to a man left homeless by the fire. That was the start of a nonprofit called RV4CampfireFamily that has since donated several dozen RVs to fire victims.

Now, Faircloth is one of 10 people nominated for CNN's Hero of the Year award. The winner will be announced Sunday in a live broadcast from New York.