What Trump’s Proposal To Cut AmeriCorps Could Mean For Some Colorado Schools

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Photo: City Year AmeriCorps at Denver's North High School
City Year corps member doing service in a ninth-grade algebra classroom at Denver’s North High School. From left: student Alaya Martinez, corps member Patrick Santino and student Dorian Medina.

AmeriCorps is on the chopping block in President Donald Trump's proposed budget. The community service program efforts include building affordable housing and helping military families file for benefits. AmeriCorps members also help out in schools.

The president's proposal to cut the Corporation for National and Community Service, a $1 billion-a-year agency that funds AmeriCorps, from the federal budget would affect more than 11,000 schools nationwide, including some in Colorado. Eric Gorski, reported on this. He's the bureau chief for Chalkbeat Colorado, a news site dedicated to education issues.

Gorski spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.

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