With ‘Shark Tank’ Win, Colorado 10-Year-Old Looks To Grow Lemonade Business

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Photo: Lemonade baron bonneau
Jack Bonneau is an emerging lemonade king.

Ten-year-old Jack Bonneau of Broomfield is in the lemonade business.

But not just a single stand. Jack's franchise, Jacks Stands and Marketplaces, has grown to seven locations across Denver. Plus, Jack and his father say the company is on track to break a million dollar in sales next year.

But, he needs more capital. So he went on ABC's "Shark Tank" to meet multi-million dollar investors including Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Chris Sacca.

They had some tough questions.

"I started my first company when I was ten so I definitely love what you're doing," said Mark Cuban. "The challenge is...I just don't know if you can manage it all?"

After an initial appearance a year ago, Jack and his father Steve are back with an update. They joined Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.


A Broomfield Boy, 9, Runs A Chain Of Lemonade Stands