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  • Patient by patient, Dr. Barbara Troy is on a mission to transform her community. She's the lone physician in Colorado's San Luis Valley who can prescribe a special drug. It helps pregnant women and new mothers kick heroin addiction. Next, Cyberpunk brings to mind a dystopian 1980s vision of tomorrow -- think of the movie "Blade Runner." A new cyberpunk anthology refreshes the genre and is up for a "Colorado Book Award." Then, unearthing the names of migrant workers, immortalized in the folk song "Plane Wreck at Los Gatos." And, 14 cottages -- and years of precious memories -- in Rocky Mountain National Park.
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  • The Weld County sheriff wants his department removed from a Trump administration list of places that failed to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The dispute points to difficulties Colorado counties say they’re having complying with national enforcement efforts. Then, a Fort Collins mosque was vandalized over the weekend, one in a growing number of such cases nationwide. Mosque leaders say they’re grateful for the town’s support after the incident. And, a Colorado Book Award nominee, “Appealing For Justice,” profiles the first woman appointed to Colorado’s Supreme Court, and her later role in a landmark civil rights case. Then, a tour of the iconic Air Force Academy Chapel, which will soon close for up to four years of repairs and renovation.
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  • In prisons, hospitals and schools, therapists use art to treat mental health problems, and their work is becoming higher profile. Karen Pence, the nation's second lady, has made art therapy her cause, and there's mixed reaction to that. Then, President Trump issued a sweeping directive that seeks to wipe out the Clean Power Plan, which limits emissions on coal-fired power plants. CPR’s environment reporter Grace Hood reports on her trip to Colorado's coal country of North Fork Valley. Next, Iceland has managed to reduce its drug and alcohol consumption, and a Denver man gets some of the credit. And, 75 years ago it was ordered that people of Japanese descent could not voluntarily leave the West Coast. More than a hundred thousand ended up in internment camps. We'll hear about the prisoners who eventually settled in Colorado. Plus, you'll find an array of organisms if you dig in your backyard. Not so in Antarctica, says a CSU scientist.
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  • Colorado's head of prisons was murdered four years ago when he opened the door to someone dressed as a pizza delivery man. The killer stole the uniform from a man he'd gunned down earlier -- Nathan Leon, a father of three from Commerce City. Today, Leon's family is still seeking answers about the case, like if it was part of a larger conspiracy. Then, Teddy Roosevelt and the exceptional band of Westerners known as "The Rough Riders," who helped win the Spanish-American war. And, history, hiking, and beer blend in a guidebook that's up for a Colorado Book Award. It includes a hike to a waterfall near Great Sand Dunes National Park.
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  • There are signs of a "Trump bump" in the energy sector in Western Colorado. During an economic slump that's included low natural gas prices, the Grand Valley has worked to diversify, relying more on tourism and recreation. Then, the marijuana industry in Colorado and across the country is on edge. The new administration says it may intervene on recreational pot. And, how do you measure pain in a creature that can't talk to you? Renowned animal scientist Temple Grandin, of Colorado State University has some ideas. She'll be inducted this year in the National Women's Hall of Fame.
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  • A dozen schools and five districts are failing academically and the the state intends to step in. Colorado has intervened with another school before and the results were pretty rocky. Then, Denver failed to meet its 10-year goal to end homelessness, but now it's trying a different approach. The heads of Denver's new office of HOPE and the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative explain. Plus, the story of a Colorado man's cross-country bike ride that's more about the journey and less about cycling.
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  • We ride along with a nurse in Colorado's San Luis Valley who visits new and expectant mothers. For 40 years the program has delivered healthcare to help mothers and children break the cycle of poverty. Then, soldiers discharged from the military other than honorably may get more access to mental health care. And a new blues album called "Fantasizing About Being Black." Boulder's Otis Taylor sings about slaves, soldiers and civil rights.
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  • Rural voters catapulted Donald Trump to the White House but Governor John Hickenlooper has a message for them: He thinks they could suffer under the president's budget and trade policies. Hickenlooper also talks about the current budget challenges for Colorado at the state level in our regular conversation at the state Capitol. Then, long overdue celebrations in Colorado for veterans of the Vietnam war era. We'll hear from some of those veterans who often feel forgotten. And, bestselling Denver author Peter Heller has a new suspense novel. It's about an elegant older detective who's based on his late mother.
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