Election 2010

Learn more about NPR's coverage of Election 2010, including live reporting on election night and a special, two-hour "Talk of the Nation" on November 3.

Colorado Public Radio's Election Coverage:

Interviews with Candidates for Governor

John Hickenlooper

Tom Tancredo

Dan Maes

Interviews with Senate Candidates

Ken Buck

Michael Bennet

Other election stories:

Colorado's Tea Party Movement

We explore the status of the Tea Party, speaking with members and with a DU professor who studies political organizations.

Schools Ask for Money in Lean Times

This election, voters in seven poor school districts will decide whether to accept a deal from the state. It goes like this. If voters agree to raise property taxes to repair old school buildings, the state will also contribute, anywhere from a dollar for dollar match to as much as seven-to-one. No school district that’s eligible has turned this deal down, except one: Mapleton, which includes Thornton and Commerce City north of Denver. This year, it’s trying again, possibly for the last time. Colorado Public Radio’s Zachary Barr reports, as we cover election 2010.

We also talk with Jane Urschel of the Colorado Association of School Boards about other districts around the state asking voters for more money.

Denver Voting on UFO Panel

Denver voters who make it all the way through their ballots may get a surprise this year. They’re being asked to vote on something no American city has done before. You could say, it’s out of this world.

Election Will Shape New Political Boundaries

There’s more to this election year than meets the eye. Races for governor, State House, and Senate will be key in determining Colorado’s political boundaries for the next decade. That’s because it’s redistricting time. Every ten years, after the U.S. census is taken, states are required to redraw the political boundaries for legislative districts and congressional districts. Tim Storey is an elections expert at the National Conference of State Legislatures based in Denver. He join us as part of our election 2010 coverage.

Outside Campaign Money Flooding Colorado

Colorado holds the dubious title of being one of the top states for outside campaign spending this election season. One report estimates three-quarters of a million dollars is spent here every day. Last year’s Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate and labor spending unleashed this flood of funds, and Colorado Public Radio’s Megan Verlee looks at the impact of that change on Colorado’s elections.

*This is a corrected version of the introduction. Originally we stated that Colorado has received the highest amount of of outside spending. As of October 21st, it is second to Pennsylvania (according to the Sunlight Foundation).

Markey Fights to Hold onto 4th Congressional District

On election night two years ago, Colorado’s 4th Congressional District went blue for the first time in decades. This year Democrat Betsy Markey is fighting hard to hold onto her seat in the face a strong Republican challenger and a lot of national interest.

Colorado's 7th Congressional District Capturing the National Spotlight

CPR's coverage of the state's most contested Congressional districs continues with a visit to one that wasn't supposed to be up for graps. Until late this summer, most analysts expected that Democrat Ed Perlmutter would easily win reelection in the 7th Congressional District. Now though, Colorado Public Radio's Megan Verlee reports that Republican Ryan Frazier has a serious shot at the seat.

Race for Attorney General

Boulder Disrtict Attorney Stan Garnett, a Democrat, has an uphill battle to wrest the attorney general's seat from incumbent Republican John Suthers. He's hoping a provocative new campaign ad will gain attention for him.

Judges on the Ballot

This election year, several groups are trying to get voters to learn more about judges who are up for retention.

Salazar, Tipton Battle for the 3rd Congressional District

Democrats dominate Colorado’s Congressional delegation right now. But Republicans have high hopes for changing that come November. One of the seats they’re eyeing is Colorado’s 3rd, which John Salazar has represented for the past three terms. But he’s fighting hard to make it back to Washington for a fourth.

Project Vote Smart

A nonpartisan voter education organization is trying to help people across the country choose among candidates in this fall’s election. The group just launched its new “vote easy” website where voters can compare candidates’ views with their own.

Campaign Finance Complaint

Opponents of three tax-cutting, government restricting ballot measures are pursuing a campaign finance complaint over who really got the initiatives on the ballot, and where the money came from.

Amendment 63 - Opposing Health Care Reform

Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute and T.R. Reid, author of two books on health care, debate Amendment 63 on Rocky Mountain PBS' Colorado State of Mind. We offer this preview.

Club 20 Debate: Candidates for Governor

Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republican Dan Maes may be starring in one of Colorado’s strangest Gubernatorial races ever. But politics took a back seat to the issues when they met for a major Western Slope debate this weekend.

Club 20 Debate: Candidates for Senate

Washington connections, failed policies, and both the Bush and Obama administrations all added fuel to a fiery debate between Colorado’s Senate candidates this weekend. Democratic senator Michael Bennet, and his Republican challenger Ken Buck shared the stage for the first time in Grand Junction

Tancredo Joins the Race

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo has thrown over the Republican Party so he can run for governor on the American Constitution Party ticket.

Breaking Down Colorado's Ballot Measures

We discuss measures that do everything from define a fertilized egg as a person to slash taxes and state fees.

Primary Results

Colorado’s Tea Party flexed its muscle in Tuesday’s primary, pushing two of its candidates -- Ken Buck and Dan Maes -- to top Republican spots. On the Democrat side, voters chose incumbent Michael Bennet over Andrew Romanoff.

Primary Preview

Yard signs... political rallies... attack ads. Election season is in full swing in Colorado. Before you find that mail-in ballot in your mailbox, Colorado Matters is bringing you up to speed on the major races. We're talking with the candidates for Senate and Governor. And we kick off the coverage with a conversation with Colorado Public Radio's Megan Verlee about some of the other choices voters will have to make this year.

Countdown to the Primaries: Ken Buck

Countdown to the Primaries: Jane Norton

Countdown to the Primaries: Michael Bennet

Countdown to the Primaries: Andrew Romanoff