Confused about a fundraising letter from Colorado Public Radio?

Recently Colorado Public Radio in Denver, or CPR, blanketed Colorado Springs with a mail solicitation, requesting that you support the Colorado Springs Annual Drive and their broadcast of NPR programming.

Problem is, Colorado Public Radio doesn't broadcast their news channel in Colorado Springs, since KRCC is Colorado Springs' source for NPR and other public radio programs. We wondered why CPR had sent this letter, so we called them.

They explained that they sent the same letter throughout the state, but acknowledged that they erred in sending a confusing letter to people in the Colorado Springs area.

If you mailed CPR a donation you intended for KRCC, please contact them, so they can return your donation. Their website is

And, while we don't know the origin of the mailing list that Colorado Public Radio used to solicit for funds in Colorado Springs, know that KRCC does not and never will share its mailing list. We respect your privacy completely.

You can recognize KRCC's fundraising materials easily; they're on beige, recycled paper. KRCC's membership drive starts on February 16th. We hope you'll join or renew your membership at the station that you actually listen to: KRCC--Radio Colorado College.

Thank you,

Delaney Utterback
General Manager