Ski Resorts Closing Early

Another Colorado ski resort says it’s closing early because warm weather and a lack of snow is making it tough for people to enjoy the slopes. Echo Mountain joins Ski Cooper and Monarch Mountain in moving up its closing date. Colorado Public Radio’s Anna Panoka reports.

Here is a transcript of Anna Panoka's report:

REPORTER: Echo Mountain just west of Denver will end its season this Sunday instead of late April. The resort reported nine inches of new snow earlier this week, but that isn’t enough to extend the season as temperatures continue to climb. Other resorts are closing this weekend or next as planned. Breckenridge is actually scheduled to stay open an extra two weekends this season as the resort celebrates its 50th anniversary. Spokeswoman Kristin Petitt Stewart says Breckenridge isn’t making any new snow, but groomers are working hard.

KRISTEN PETITT STEWART: They’ve done an extraordinary job of refreshing the slopes and keeping certain key connections open to get back and forth throughout the mountain. We have been creative this year with our grooming and snowmaking but I’m not going to give away all of our secrets.

REPORTER: Bare spots and wet snow didn’t keep Teri Sheehan of Highlands Ranch and her sons off Winter Park’s slopes recently.

TERI SHEEHAN: It’s a challenge, the snow is not as good as we want it to be, but we’re just having a great time.

REPORTER: But she says next year, she’ll likely use her 4 lift ticket pass earlier.

SHEEHAN: I don’t think we’ll do the spring break type of thing because you never know, you take a risk as far as the snow conditions…so we just won’t wait.

REPORTER: Skier visitation numbers were down earlier this season compared to last season as this year’s dry conditions hit the mountains early. Resorts aren’t sharing numbers about spring visits yet. I’m Anna Panoka, Colorado Public Radio News.

[Photo: CPR/Anna Panoka]