President in Grand Junction

Obama focused his comments on the economy and tax cuts for the middle class.About three thousand people crammed into the Grand Junction High School to hear President Obama talk about the economy and tax cuts for the middle class. Aspen Public Radio’s Roger Adams was in Grand Junction and filed this report.

Reporter Roger Adams: The main points in Mr. Obama’s speech were on restoring jobs.President Obama: We’re here to build and economy where hard work pays off so that no matter who you are or, what you look like or, where you come from, here in America you can make it if you try. That’s what this campaign’s about Colorado.”Reporter: For every rhetorical statement of staying the course toward recovery there was a jab at his presumptive Republican opponent; Mitt Romney. While the President never mentioned Bain Capital, the company Romney once headed, he took several swipes at Bain’s reputation for investing in overseas companies.President Obama: I want to stop giving tax breaks to companies that are shipping jobs overseas.Let's give those tax breaks to companies that are investing here in Colorado, investing here in Grand Junction, hiring American workers, selling American products, stamping those good with three proud words; made in America.

Reporter: Outside the temperature was 99 and at times it seemed hotter inside. One woman fainted and was carried out by police. Barbara Briggs and Joanne Mayer of Grand Junction both wore big smiles as they emerged into the sun.Barbara Briggs and Joanne Meyer: Oh, we love everything about him.He’s a great human being and very capable…we just, are in love. (Laughs) It was worth standing in line for.Reporter: As people streamed out of the gymnasium about one hundred Mitt Romney supporters greeted them. They carried signs accusing the President of being un-American and a socialist.The president was already gone, on his way to Pueblo for another appearance.