Maudlin Magpie visits OpenAir

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Though now a full-fledged four piece band, local group Maudlin Magpie returns to more humble origins for an OpenAir Performance Studio exclusive session. Founding members Jason Horodysky and Katie Gold, join OpenAir host Jessi Whitten to discuss the the group’s musical process, as well as the most recent production thereof, the July 2012 self-release, Two Maple Key.

In addition to “Fando y Lis upon the Dull Earth,” the ‘oldie, but a goody’ featured on said album, Maudlin Magpie perform three even more contemporary songs. “Taxonomy,” “A Song for Annie Dillard,” and “Cicada Carcass” elicits that “new song energy,” Horodysky explains, polished, yet exciting.

Listen to Maudlin Magpie's full instudio session here