Calligraphiliac Alert

Today is the last day to catch a public lecture at the The Summit at Colorado Springs: The 32nd Annual International Calligraphy Conference, being held at Colorado College. Randall Hasson will lecture on “The Personality of the Letterform – How Alphabet Changes Culture” at Armstrong Hall on the NE corner of Cache la Poudre and Cascade Avenue at 7:30 p.m. 

And tomorrow is the last day to catch the Brady/Faculty exhibition at Coburn Gallery. Full details HERE.

Here's a piece we produced with Dentist and expert calligrapher Joseph Vitolo during the conference several years ago:

Dr. Joseph Vitolo is a Professor of Dentistry by day and an intrepid calligrapher and historian of American penmanship and calligraphy in much of his spare time. His knowledge of the art form is immense—so much so that we had to break our interview with him up into the slide show (above) and the audio-only interview (below). Sometimes someone's knowledge about an art form is just as beautiful as the art form itself, even if you don't (and probably won't) ever fully understand it all. This is certainly the case with Dr. Vitolo. As such, there's plenty here and we invite you to enjoy the pure geekery of it all. (Right-click to download or click the play button to stream the audio)