El Paso County Works to Repair Flooded Culverts

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With thunderstorms in the forecast for the next few days, the possibility of flash flooding in El Paso County remains.  As KRCC’s Liz Ruskin reports, the county is working to repair roads in the Black Forest area damaged in last weekend’s floods.

The county is placing road maintenance equipment in Black Forest so it can quickly remove flood debris and keep drainages open. County Spokesman Dave Rose says the big challenge is a large drainage system that runs south through the burn area and then along Shoup Road, an important east-west route.

The county engineer is very concerned about Shoup Road itself in that same general area. Very near there, there is another culvert, which protects Shoup Road itself. That culvert we’ve been able to keep clean but it has still not been able to handle the volume of water coming down that drainage :23

Rose says work is about to begin to replace metal culvert on an intersecting street that was washed away over the weekend with a flood-resistant cement box culvert. He says they are looking at replacing the overburdened culvert along Shoup Road at the same time.