Wetland Restoration Projects Awarded Funds

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Restoration projects awarded funds
Credit Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Restoration projects awarded funds

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has selected 18 wetland restoration projects around the state to receive a total of $700,000 in grant money. KRCC’s Eliza Densmore reports on two in southern Colorado.

The East Plum Creek restoration project near Castle Rock is receiving $50,000 to help with bank widening, revegetation, and erosion prevention and another $12,400 will go to the Dinosaur Island Trench Project west of Lamar.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton says that project is a collaboration to improve water retention in a trench that surrounds a nesting area.

"The trench is designed to kind of keep predators from being able to get on to that nesting area and take out the nests."

Money for the grants comes from the lottery-funded nonprofit Great Outdoors Colorado and sales of the Colorado waterfowl stamp.

The projects are selected by a group of scientists based on the amount of money available and which ones are expected to be the most successful.