Welcome to the OpenAir blog!

· Nov. 19, 2013, 6:46 pm
Welcome to the OpenAir blog!(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)
As we brainstormed through the process the idea of a group blog was born. OpenAir has a staff of connected music lovers whose pop culture tastes run the gamut; let's text about it!  
We all get excited about bands coming to town, new releases, basically anything that has to do with music.  From there, our interests spread out naturally.  
Here's a new independent movie with a cameo by Paul Weller. A great recipe for mulligatawny that includes garbanzo beans with the green apples. A new book on forgotten session musicians. A review for an Arvada restaurant written by a tourist from Denmark. Peyton Manning's Spotify, filled with 80s hair bands.
You never what is going to catch our hungry eyes and ears. We are all alive in this historical moment that is the best time ever to be a music fan.    
So here's a space to note all that as we stretch beyond music (sometimes) and 140 characters (most of the time).  Enjoy our rants and...
Keep it in the OpenAir!

You made it!

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