Très Geek: Take on Doctor Who

(Photo: courtesy of BBC)

I'm still smiling over the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who, mostly because it brought back my favorite Doctor, David Tennant. It wasn't until they rebooted the series in 2005 when I became a fan. Up until then, when it was on late at night as a kid, I preferred watching music videos or bad USA Up All Night movies. Without giving away any spoilers, Whovians like myself are all geeking out online about head writer Steven Moffat's decision to re-write Time Lord history in this anniversary episode. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Since it aired, I've wasted way too much time watching Doctor Who fan videos, show clips, etc. until I stumbled upon this gem... An animated video of the Doctors and their companions to the tune and style of 80's synth-pop band a-ha's iconic video for "Take On Me." ENJOY!

Let's chat in the comments, WHO is your favorite Doctor? Did you enjoy the 50th Anniversary Special?