Radio Dances: ‘Tacos de Amor’ by Sara Roybal and Johnny Keller

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Sara Roybal and John Keller
Sara Roybal and John Keller

Artist Statement

Last year, my husband asked me to teach him a dance; he was intrigued by the Mexican Folklorico styles of dance that my family and I have been involved with for many years. My heart pounded with excitement and my brain raced with ideas. He learned quickly and would attend some of my regular practices, so I asked him to create a dance with me. We were inspired by a song called "Tacos for Two" by Lalo Guerrero, a comedic song writer and singer.

Originally, we created a longer version of this dance that we performed in Pueblo, CO with the CU Folklorico group and Grupo Folklorico del Pueblo for their annual Dia De Los Muertos show. It is a short love story of boy chases girl; girl plays hard to get, but in the end they get each other and celebrate with tacos!

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