Manitou Springs Community Forum on Disaster Preparedness

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Manitou Springs officials are inviting residents to a community forum Saturday to talk about disaster preparation.  KRCC’s Rachel Gonchar has more. 

Mayor Marc Snyder, Police Chief Joe Ribeiro and City Administrator Jack Benson will deliver progress updates on fire and flood mitigation projects.

Manitou Springs Emergency Fund (MERF) spokesman David Hunting says the city is about to start a bidding process for Williams Canyon and Canon Avenue work, and has made some progress on clean-up progress.

"The city has also spent some time through the fall and winter months cleaning out some of the debris left behind by last year’s flooding," said Hunting. "However there still is a significant amount of debris and sediment in the creeks that run through Manitou Springs that poses a threat this year through flood season."

Board members from MERF will also be providing information on ways for community members to volunteer and financially help victims of potential floods and fires.

The meeting takes place at 9:30 Saturday morning at 515 Manitou Avenue.