Local musicians weigh in on OpenAir’s influence in Colorado and beyond

It's that time of year again where we reach out to our audience and ask you to pledge your support for OpenAir and Colorado Public Radio.

In the midst of our Pledge Drive, we'd like to share some kind words from some of our favorite local (and formerly local) musicians about how OpenAir has been a valuable resource along their musical journey. In our two-and-a-half year existence, OpenAir has become a vital community resource for musicians and music fans alike.

Check out some quotes from these artists below, and be sure to check out each of their performances from our CPR Performance Studio. And please, if you agree with what they have to say, consider making a pledge to CPR now.

Kyle James Hauser

Kyle James Hauser visits OpenAirThe support and enthusiasm shown by all the folks at OpenAir has been a constant source of encouragement for me over the last couple of years. They’re a really kind, thoughtful and eager bunch of folks over there and Colorado is really lucky to have them.

I’ve toured all over the country and can count on one hand the cities that have truly independently minded radio stations like OpenAir.

They’re not afraid to showcase new music, they’re not afraid to showcase old music, it’s radio like radio should be, a bunch of creative, passionate music lovers sharing what they like to listen to with the world. OpenAir rocks!

Jesse Elliott of Ark Life

photo: Best of 2013 Colorado VIPs: Jesse ElliottIt's hard to even picture a great music community like Denver without a great radio station like CPR. Add to that an amazing supporter of the local music scene like OpenAir, and you've got a recipe for a place where music is created, celebrated, shared, debated, and created again.

The fact that all of these fantastic CPR folks share their music knowledge with the rest of the world outside Colorado is even more icing on the cake.

Thanks for helping all of us get out there into the world, CPR.

Eric Halborg of Dragondeer and The Swayback

Eric Halborg: Dragondeer 2The big thing that got the band rolling were the live in-studio videos that Colorado Public Radio’s OpenAir 1340AM shot of us early on.

Every show we’ve ever played has been booked without us having a record out. Promoters check out the OpenAir videos and see that we can play live and we’ve been invited to play some really cool shows because of it.

Grateful to CPR for those.

Steve Varney of Glowing House

photo: Glowing House at OpenAirFor Glowing House, OpenAir has done some obvious good in our career. Getting radio play can be a hard thing to crack, quality audio/visual content is often difficult to organize and execute, and radio performances are sometimes pretty uncomfortable and sterile.

In spite of these tendencies, OpenAir is invested in local music, they give you great looking content that also sounds great, and they have a very solid studio in all respects.

They are different and musicians have quickly realized that they are different. And we have been notified many times with something like, "Just heard you on OpenAir, sounds great!" and any musician knows how invaluable that is.

Yeah, we're fans.