Tech Tuesday at CPR Classical: Synths, recording tricks and more

(Photo: Public domain/Illustration: CPR/Brad Turner)
<p>Synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog in a vintage ad featuring several of his synths.</p>
Photo: Bob Moog vintage synthesizer ad
Synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog in a vintage ad featuring several of his synths.

Classical musicians have plenty of ways to incorporate technology into their art. On Tech Tuesday at CPR, we’ll share examples throughout the day of classical composers and performers using technology to make memorable music.

You’ll hear:

  • Mulitrack recording technology allowing trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and violinist Anne Akiko Meyers to duet with themselves on music by Bach and Vivaldi.
  • Synthesized takes on classical music, including tracks from Wendy Carlos’ classic “Switched on Bach” LP and Isao Tomita playing synth arrangements of Stravinsky and Debussy.
  • Tape loops accompanying a string quartet on John Adams’ “Judah to Ocean.”

Pledge drive prizes available for Tech Tuesday include a 16 gigabyte iPod nano, an iPad mini, a small but powerful bluetooth speaker and a digital download featuring "The 5o Greatest Pieces of Classical Music” collection by the London Philharmonic.

Watch footage of theremin inventor Leon Theremin demonstrating his early electronic instrument: