Sen. Udall votes ‘no’ on Keystone XL Pipeline

US Senator Mark Udall (D-CO)Colorado Democratic Senator Mark Udall voted in committee against the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline Wednesday.

The proposal to bring dirty tar sand oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast through the Keystone pipeline has become a lightning rod in Udall’s reelection.

As the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee debated and voted on the issue, Udall didn’t give a speech, he just offered a simple “no” when his name was called to vote.

Critics say he’s trying to appease both Colorado’s energy and environmental communities, but Udall’s staff says he’s waiting for a technical review to come down before weighing in on the issue.

His Republican opponent in the November election, Representative Cory Gardner (R-CO) is a proponent of the pipeline, which he argues will help the economy.

The Keystone bill was passed out of committee on a 12-10 vote.