Watch: So Percussion’s one-of-a-kind performance at Colorado Public Radio

The four members of So Percussion prepared to play “September” by member Jason Treuting by opening the lid of CPR's grand piano and playing the insides with mallets. Then Treuting added some chords over the top by playing a set of hollow pipes used for metal fencing like they were a marimba.

If it’s an usual sight at CPR, it’s standard practice for So Percussion.

A day after they visited with CPR Classical, they performed David Lang’s “man made” at Boettcher Concert Hall. Over the course of the 25-minute concerto, So Percussion plays wine bottles, twigs and garbage cans as well as more traditional instruments like steel drums and a marimba.

Photo: So Percussion in CPR Performance Studio thumbnail

While the group specializes in making music from everyday objects, the instruments they selected to play “September” in the CPR Performance Studio are unique.

Treuting’s score doesn’t call for specific instruments, so the sounds tend to change from one performance to the next.

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