Homeless ‘right to rest’ bill fails in Colorado

Photo: Homeless day shelter in Denver (AP Photo)
In this Dec. 5, 2013 file photo, Tom Tuning, right, greets homeless men who wait for the opening of the St. Francis Center's day shelter, where Tuning works, in downtown Denver.

Colorado lawmakers have said no to a bill that would have outlined rights that homeless people have in public.

A House committee voted 8-3 Monday to reject the so-called "Homeless Persons' Bill of Rights."

The measure would have given the homeless a right to rest in public spaces, to eat and accept food, and to maintain privacy over their belongings.

Some Democrats and all Republicans voted against the measure. Municipal authorities testified that the bill would invite lawsuits that could take away money for homeless programs.

Rhode Island, Connecticut and Illinois have enacted laws outlining rights for the homeless.